Concrete Conspiracies

Exhibition in collaboration with Mia Fryk, 2017
Leth & Gori Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Text: Geraldine Barton & Magdalena Rozenberg
Risograph print: Officin
Photography: Hampus Berndtson

Supported by: Dreyers Fond


These questions have been constant topics of discussion for the three of us – all educated architects. We livein a fast changing world where the definition and limits of ‘space’, is constantly expanding. Artificialintelligence, machine learning, massproduction, and the state of politics in general, has had a huge impact on how we design and experience our surroundings. We find it important to reflect on these topics, as well as question what the task of the architect is in a world where the virtual is just as present and important as the actual.

We live in the ‘Iphone era’ where this project has come together while communicating between Denmark, London, France, Sweden, Norway and Japan. It says something about what is local/global and what is our expanded surroundings. In an instant, our minds move across the world, our bodies trying to keep up the pace.

Concrete Conspiracies is a collection of models and objects, arranged for the space in the Leth & Gori studio as an installation to be experienced by the viewer. Our goal is create an ambiguous space that is open to many different interpretations.

Is it possible to create a space that can evoke sensations and question our infrastructure, virtual and physical, with a bunch of concrete blocks?

This is not so much about finding the answers as it is to find the right questions. Achitecture is creating voids, spaces, indside, outside and inbetween. A city is like a game of chess where each different move creates a different set of consequences. We want you to consider this installation as an experiment – an open question. To us ’Concrete Conspiracies’ is body lotion. It is here for you to experience – it is here to soften your spatial awareness – an elastic version of the ‘real’.

We have invited two writers to help us put words to our spatial discussion and expand our vocabularies and points of view. Geraldine Barton a London based writer and editor, and Magdalena Rozenberg, writer within literature and cultural analysis. Thanks to Leth & Gori for letting us use the space. Many thanks to Geraldine and Magdalena for trying to understand our cryptical universe.


Introduction, Concrete Conspiracies / Text by Geraldine Barton
Reading within discourse / Text by Magdalena Rozenberg