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The Corporeal Experience of Rock Cover Remix / Magdalena Rozenberg

Outside the studio the production of the panels makes my body and mind work collectively. To stir the concrete mix, to feel it with my hands and see it my eyes, to smell the mix and hear the noise of the cement blender, makes me feel closer to the installation, actually makes me closer to the installation. When the mix is ready, it’s being poured into the frames, it’s a precise yet vague procedure, heavy yet gentle. Pairs of opposition are combined.

Introduction, Concrete Conspiracies / Text by Geraldine Barton

In their first collaborative exhibition, Concrete Conspiracies brings together sculptural work from Denmark-based architect Mia Frykholm and the artist duo Spacegirls. Employing concrete sculptures and object forms, the Leth and Gori studio is turned into an architectural test-bed, exploring how the spaces around us influence the ways that we relate to one another. If it […]

Reading within discourse / Text by Magdalena Rozenberg

Concrete Conspiracies explores the idea how architecture that we are surrounded of guide us through our interactions and actions in an already existing discourse. This could be reflected both on spaces and on texts.  According to the philosopher Michael Foucault discourses are the way the world makes sense to us, it is where a subject […]

MAIL ART x Kvit Galleri / 2017 / Freshmatic Mini 4